The Bottom Line on the New Energy Economy
Stimulus Is Showing
Pardon Me -- Your Stimulus is Showing

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May 18, 2009
by Craig Severance

I've been very busy lately, too busy to write a new article here for 10 days.  When today I contemplated getting together a new story, I realized the busyness IS the best story.  In just the last 2 weeks, my activities have included:

  • Helping an energy conservation firm prepare for a major expansion
  • Analyzing the cents/kwh a local courthouse would need to pay for a a solar electric system installed with 3rd party financing
  • Writing a memo for an investor on tax credits in the Stimulus Bill, in preparation for a possible clean energy business
  • Working with another businessman on a strategy to move the local economy in his area toward energy efficiency and clean energy

A year ago, none of this was happening.  Now, it's hard to keep up with it. 

The above activity is just a small portion of what's happening here.  I'm sure other CPA's and business owners around the country are seeing a similar surge in activity. 

With the general economy in freefall, the "Clean Energy Economy" is revving up for a major expansion.  

Is this simply a lot of people seeking a piece of a huge Stimulus Package?  That's certainly part of it, but great rebates aren't going to get people to spend their own money on things they don't want or can't afford.   (Just ask Chrysler and GM.)   The Stimulus Bill tax credits and funding are just pointing the way to something that already makes sense.

When we finally all ran out of money at the same time, the only thing left was the money we were already spending.  People are now figuring out that instead of paying higher and higher utility bills and gas prices, they can take that same money and buy energy efficiency and clean energy. 

Paying utility bills is not fun or satisfying.  If we don't have to spend so much on power & light & heating bills, what will we do with the money?

With the money we save, we can buy other things we really need and want.   For instance, lowering utility bills with a Home Energy Makeover (see here) just might give us enough extra cash every month to go shopping, take a class, or even buy a new car (see here for example of how solar panels saved enough to buy a hybrid.)  

That's going to make a lot of people who are now out of work, very busy indeed. 

This article was first posted on May 18, 2009.

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