Finally, our politicians realize how to get things done. Just do everything. So, lets get moving using this new principle.

Lets set up NASA right away to go again to the Moon, and to Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. Scientists have been waiting for decades to accomplish these important missions. Now we can do them all.

Afghanistan? Iraq? Iran? Russians in Georgia? Our military can handle it all.

Potholes? Bridge collapses? Amtrak and airlines in crisis? The DOT can fix it all. By the way, since we can do it all, what was wrong with that $300 Million "bridge to nowhere" in Alaska? I hear those 50 islanders could really use that new bridge so they don't have to wait for the ferry.

This all seems ridiculous, so why do we let our politicians get away with saying "do it all" when we ask for energy solutions? Is it because we ignored this problem for 30 years and now no one really knows what is the best thing to do?

Energy solutions are technological, but finding the best way to proceed isn't rocket science. Congress will have to do the same thing it did with the rocket scientists - develop cost effective principles and a budget.

On a budget you don't do it all - you do what works best.